New Releases: Daniel Markham

922624_473068549436244_1608692808_oby: Thomas D. Mooney

Former Lubbock and current Denton resident Daniel Markham has announced his debut solo record, “Ruined My Life.” Markham, currently guitarist/bassist for Charlie Shafter, has released two free EPs in the last two years, 2011’s Demonstrations and 2012’s Hexagons. Markham was also principle songwriter for the now defunct One Wolf, who released two albums in the late 2000s. “Runed My Life” will be released June 11.

“Ruined My Life” Tracklist

1. Rock & Roll
2. New Blood
3. Eyes So Dark
4. Killers
5. Best of Luck
6. Downhill
7. Drag Up Some Dead
8. Favorite Band
9. Kudzu
10. Going Insane
11. No Mosquitoes

UPDATE: In addition, Markham has contributed a track to the Lone Star Horizons: A Texas Tribute to Jason Molina, a tribute album to the recently passed away songwriter. Check out Marham’s contribution, ” Heartbreak at Ten Paces” below here. You can purchase the entire tribute album here.

Watch the Wiretap Sessions video for “Kudzu” below.

Daniel Markham – Kudzu from Wiretap Sessions on Vimeo.


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