Lubbock Echo Chamber: Kris Killingsworth


Kris Killingsworth, Thrift Store Cowboys live at Blue Light. Photo by Landan Luna/New Slang

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Editor’s Note: Lubbock Echo Chamber is a new New Slang feature. In it, we’ll post interesting, relevant quotes from Lubbock musicians. 

“It’s really easy to blame a person or a ‘scene’ for shortcomings in your career, but the truth of it is everyone that’s doing well has worked their asses off to get there and people that work hard like to collaborate with other like-minded individuals. Talking shit isn’t going to change anything except that it makes you look small and petty. I’ve said this forever: if you can’t make it work in Lubbock, some new city isn’t going to magically fix that. Playing music is hard as fuck everywhere and the people that are good at it know better than to go online and run your mouth in a public forum that is documented forever. That’s just my opinion, but I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years.”

Kris Killingsworth of Thrift Store Cowboys comments on the relentless questioning of Lubbock’s loyalty to its’ often harsh, but rewarding Lubbock music scene. 


One response to “Lubbock Echo Chamber: Kris Killingsworth

  1. In America, the rewards go to those that work hard. I love my son.

    Steve Killingsworth

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