Pen Pals: The National

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Editor’s Note: More often than not, Associate Editor Ryan Heape and I are texting back and forth about something–typically about music. Some of these conversations are too good not to share with the masses. Here in Pen Pals, we’ll share text message, e-mail, and Twitter exchanges discussing music. 

The National will be releasing their sixth album, Trouble Will Find Me next Tuesday. It’ll be 12 years since they released their self-titled debut record on October 30, a mere three months before The Strokes released Is This It. One band’s trajectory skyrocketed towards the heavens; the other was a much more painful and lengthy journey to recognition. These two bands, in essence, represent the two faces of not only my late teens and early twenties, but just about everyone–even if you don’t know it.

Watch “Sea of Love” from Trouble Will Find Me below. 








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