Turnpike Troubadours Song Tournament: Day VI: Final

image6by: Thomas D. Mooney & Ryan Heape
Editor-in-Chief & Associate Editor

It’s about that time. Your Turnpike Troubadours Song Tournament winner is “Good Lord Lorrie.” Learn how we got this conclusion in the following posts:

Monday: Bracket Introduction
Tuesday: First Round Results
Wednesday:  Sweet Sixteen Results
Thursday:  Elite Eight Results
Friday: Final Four Results, Championship

Championship Match-Up

1) Good Lord Lorrie 17 Votes
1) 7&7 8 Votes

What more can I say about these two songs that I haven’t already said this past week? One thing actually: You should have known the two songs referencing dominoes would eventually have to meet up. “Lorrie’s got a buddy with a double-wide trailer, they were shaking dominoes” vs. “Fun was dominoes and 7Up and Seagram’s.”

Do I think “Good Lord Lorrie” is the best Turnpike Troubadours song? Yes. I do. But I understand others being favorites. Some love “The Funeral.” Or “Whole Damn Town.” Or “7&7.” “1968.” There’s plenty to choose from. 

What it comes down to more than anything for us though, isn’t ruling that one song is superior to another. It’s more so that we want to explore the lore of Turnpike. Dive head first into the Turnpike catalog and discuss their songwriting past the skin deep level. And this is easily one of the more fun exercises for completing that journey. 

When we spoke with Turnpike a few months back, we mainly discussed the progression and evolution of what “Texas Country” and “Red Dirt Country” was, is, and becoming. Turnpike Troubadours are leading the way and becoming (if they haven’t already become) the new face of what alternative country from Texas and Oklahoma is becoming. They’re leading the migration of troubadours, songsmiths, writers, and players down the back woods country roads that are off the beaten path. It’s folks such as Felker, John Fullbright, Lincoln Durham, Hayes Carll, Charlie Shafter, Robert Ellis, along with a plethora of band such as Uncle Lucius, Dirty River Boys, Wheeler Brothers, Folk Family Revival, and The Trishas who are creating a “new country” that’s not much different from the “old country.”

Their songwriting is so much more genuine than anything being cooked up in a songwriting factory. When it’s genuine for them, it’s genuine for me. It’s real for you. Really, how much different is Turnpike Troubadours than The Band? How different are they than ’70s Willie and Waylon? Or ’80s Steve Earle or Springsteen? Old Crow Medicine Show? Even Garth Brooks. 

That’s what makes them not just an alternative country or “Texas Country”  band from Oklahoma, but an American band writing about the American experience. 


4 responses to “Turnpike Troubadours Song Tournament: Day VI: Final

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  4. Both my husband and I can’t get this d*** song out of our head. So we try to exercise it out daily, but like some “Groundhog’s Day” movie it is there for both of us each morning when we wake. Good Lord Lorrie. I mean, “believing and barely breaking even,” come on! (Of course Todd had to explain to me what “shaking dominoes” was – I’m not that worldly.)

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