Turnpike Troubadours Song Tournament: Day V: The Final Four

by: Thomas D. Mooney & Ryan Heape
Editor-in-Chief & Associate Editor

This is easily a better Final Four than the happened last weekend. Easily. I won’t waste any more time. On to the results. 

Monday: Bracket Introduction
Tuesday: First Round Results
Wednesday:  Sweet Sixteen Results
Thursday:  Elite Eight Results
Friday: Final Four Results, Championship (later today)image5 

Normal Street VS Morgan Street

1) Good Lord Lorrie 14 Votes
3) The Funeral 11 Votes

I’ve been reading Tweets and Facebook comments all week about these different match-ups and the Turnpike Tourney in general. And I have to say, there’s some “Good Lord Lorrie” backlash. But for the life of me, I haven’t a clue why. And I’m sure some are going to be up in arms when they read that “Good Lord Lorrie” beat “The Funeral.” But remember, 1) this is the FINAL FOUR songs. At this point, we’re not comparing good songs; these are all brilliant songs. We’re splitting hairs 2) “Good Lord Lorrie” won by just three votes. 

“Good Lord Lorrie” is not just a popular song. If this was based on popularity, “Wrecked” would still be in contention. I wrote yesterday about how Felker let’s us fill in the gaps within “Good Lord Lorrie.” He gives us just enough description and details and lets us decide on what’s the reason for the break-up. It’s well-played. 

To me one important element in the song is how the storyline is constructed. Just look strictly at the verses. It’s everything’s fine. Eveything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Oh shit, Lorrie is leaving without explanation–and she’s kind of being a bitch about it. Just take a look at that final verse:

Well Lorrie said I wonder what we ever went through all this trouble for
You ain’t half of who I thought you was and this ain’t fun no more
And her words cut clean through drunk and dark and dimming doorway light
Well I’ve had all I can handle, hope you’re happy now, goodnight
Guess her folks were right, guess her folks were right

Mhmm indeed. The thing is, that’s not how the story is told. Almost from the get go, we’re told by Felker that it’s going to hell in a handbasket (And really, you probably should have known it was just by the fact that it’s a Turnpike Troubadours song). Everything points to an inevitable breakup.

“The Funeral” (coincidentally, “Good Lord Lorrie” and “The Funeral” are both the eighth track on their respective albums) involves probably one of Felker’s shadiest characters to date in Jimmy, the counterfeit James Dean. Alongside him, is the Bonnie to his Clyde, the never named ‘burned out Bettie Page.” As Felker put it in a Galleywinter interview, “Jimmy’s just a shithead guy.” Maybe that’s why we love it so much. He’s a guy you’d love to grab a few drinks with, but he’s obviously just looking out for himself. Everyone knows a shithead guy. Hell, some of us are probably that shithead guy. 

“The Funeral” made it to the Final Four with good reason. It knocked off some heavy hitters in “Quit While I’m Ahead.” “Long Hot Summer Days,” and “Whole Damn Town” along the way. But really, I think it’s leaving the tournament in the right spot. 

-Thomas D. Mooney


Easton Street VS Main Street

2) Diamonds & Gasoline 8 Votes
1) 7&7 17 Votes

It’s a battle amongst two great Diamonds & Gasoline songs. Like “The Funeral,” I feel “Diamonds & Gasoline” is getting knocked out of the song tournament at about the right time. Before this, I always felt that “Diamonds & Gasoline” was one of the most underrated Turnpike songs in their catalog and actually pleasantly surprised it made the trek into the Final Four. 

“7&7’s” gravitational pull is just so much though. It’s a staple. An institution amongst Turnpike Troubadours songs. Felker’s just running various scenarios in his head about running into ex-flames while in the supermarket. I don’t care who you are, you may try and be politically correct when it comes to exes and wishing them the best. But when it comes down to it, you want to be the one with the “better” life post break-up. You don’t want them to be happier than you. And that’s kind of what Felker’s doing with “7&7.”

But let’s face it, Felker isn’t technically living the “good life” when it comes to running into her. She’s married, has a child, and still looks great while he’s “just a fool in a supermarket aisle” who “does his share of sleeping on the floor.” 

-Thomas D. Mooney

Championship Match-up

1) Good Lord Lorrie
1) 7&7


2 responses to “Turnpike Troubadours Song Tournament: Day V: The Final Four

  1. This…is awesome. Everything about this is awesome. It’s nice to see the Troubadours finally get the recognition they deserve. But an entire bracket dedicated to them?! And such an honest one at that. It all makes me so happy. La-da-da for sure.

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