News: Daft Punk on the Steps of the Capitol???

by: Thomas D. Mooney

48 hours is a long time. Associate Editor Ryan Heape and myself jokingly tweeted the following late Friday/early Saturday:


Roughly 48 hours later, Twitter has had a massive number of tweets in reference to this absurd secret show about it being “confirmed” and “legitimate” from plethora of Twitter accounts that probably should have done more homework to actually be credible. I mean, for crying out loud, in what world do you think we live in where a band would play on the steps of a federal building–and in a state ran by Rick Perry of all people?

Regardless, when we returned to our computers today, we were first amused by the absurdity of everyone’s disregard for common sense. Then there for a brief moment, we thought we could possibly be oracles who saw a comical vision of Daft Punk playing on the steps of the state Capitol. Lastly, we thought this had gone on long enough and felt that our joke between each other had gone on long enough.

For your entertainment though, we’ll share the rest of our ideas on where Daft Punk will play this SXSW: on a parade float routed down 6th Street, on Congress Bridge inside a glass globe full of bats, actually in Lubbock playing five nights in a row, and of course, in the collective consciousness simultaneously across all points on the globe.

If you don’t trust us, go ahead and look on our Twitter feed and it’ll confirm we were where the rumor originally began. And I reiterate the fact that our tweet was to our knowledge at least, filled with enough tongue-in-cheekiness that everyone would laugh it off as a joke and not take it seriously.

In saying that, we believe that Daft Punk will indeed play a show in Austin during South By Southwest this coming week…it just probably won’t be on the steps of the Capitol.

And if it does actually happen there, we should definitely get backstage passes, etc.


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