Free Music: King Tuff-Birds & Batteries Show

by: Thomas D. Mooney

As you know (or maybe you don’t), Tuesday, August 21 indie rock bands King Tuff and Birds & Batteries will be playing in Lubbock at the Depot District Oyster Bar, being presented by the fine folks at Pray for Rain Booking and New Slang (Hey, that’s us!). In addition, a solid group of local talent will be opening up for the two, including post rock favorites Slow Static, Peter Longno’s latest  ambient electronic post-rocking project The Sun & The Shadows, and of course, the Lubbock’s staple singer and songwriter, Rob Goblin, more commonly known as Daniel Fluitt of Thrift Store Cowboys. 

Here at New Slang, we’ve scoured, located, and organized a number of downloads from the performing artists for you to download, familiarize, and more importantly, enjoy.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting a number of interviews and articles with and about King Tuff, Birds & Batteries, Slow Static, Rob Goblin, and The Sun & The Shadows.

For more details and updates on the August 21st show, check out and join the Facebook event here. In addition, keep your eyes open for potential giveaways relating to the spectacular show.

King Tuff: Bad Thing

Birds & Batteries:

Slow Static:

The Sun & The Shadows:

Rob Goblin (Thrift Store Cowboys song): One Gentle Inch to Nine Violent Miles

Bonus Spotify Playlist:And for some tunes from some of the artists involved in this show, as well as a couple of other Pray for Rain and New Slang related shows, check out this Spotify playlist, featuring King Tuff, Birds & Batteries, Colleen Green, Plateaus, and Natural Child.


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