Summer Releases: Middle Child Records

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock artists Rat and B’SWAX have both recently released free albums, B’SWAX’s “Dont Be Afraid” this past June and Rat’s “Elephant Art” today. You can download both (as well as numerous other Middle Child releases) at


“Don’t Be Afraid”

1. “Shackles”
2. “Where With All”
3. “Drawn In” Featuring Nomadd
4. “Lunch Time”
5. “Ink Well Do Better”
6. “Baboon”
7. “Drip Technique”
8. “Gatekeeper”
9. “Courier Service”
10. “Hotbox”
11. Don’t Be Afraid”
Download Link


“Elephant Art”

1. “The Unveiling”
2. “Marco Polo”
3. “Customer Service”
4. “The World”
5. “Bottleneck”
6. “Elephant Art”
7. “The Sun Tastes Like Cancer”
8. “Their Hears Are As Strong As Titans”
9. “Blue on White”
10. “Something Cynical”
11. “Amphetamines”
12. “Blackhole, You’ve Made a Fool of Me For the Last Time” 
Download Link 


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