On the Road: Sam Sliva & The Good

Photo by Charlie Stout

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Editor’s Note: On the Road is a new feature we’ve thrown together where we talk with touring bands about their adventures on the road–the good, the bad, and the ugly–in a survey style. Typically, we’re looking for the most fresh, vivid memories the band can comprise, trying to stack up tales from within the last three months. 

For our opening On the Road, we caught up with rocking singer-songwriter Sam Sliva. Sliva & The Good’s last album, “…And the People Say” was a tight 10-song collection of grooving Texas-taking-on-soul tales of late night encounters and morning hangovers. Sliva & The Good play The Office tomorrow (Thursday, May 17). In a related note, they’ll be playing down in Alpine and Marfa during Viva Big Bend this July 26-29. Like Sam Sliva & The Good on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here

Farthest North Played: We just did a show with Bleu Edmondson in Manhattan, Kansas.  What a haul.
Farthest South Played: South Padre – Louies Backyard
Farthest East Played: Hattiesburg, Miss. 
Farthest West Played: [Laughs] We haven’t ventured too much out west besides Big Spring and Lubbock. But, we have a West Coast tour coming up starting at the end of July that will put us out to Cali.
Venue Most Played: Hmm…tough one. Maybe Hattricks in Lewisville or The Firehouse Saloon in Houston.
Best Venue Experience: The House of Blues in Dallas always treats us right. Also, the Glass Cactus in Grapevine is really nice. They make you feel like a legitimate “rockstar” out there. 
Wildest/Most Memorable Show: We got asked to open a show for Stoney LaRue at the Cotillion in Wichita, Kansas the night before the show one time. Our lead guitar player couldn’t make it, but we said fuck it and did it anyway as a three-piece. Halfway through the set, in front of about 1,200 people, our bass player Lucas bust out a backflip with his bass on and the crowd went nuts. Probably the only thing that saved our set that night [laughs].
Favorite Band Played With: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Probably the tightest band I’ve ever heard. 

Best Burger: Recently, probably The Biscuit Company in Vicksburg, Miss.
Best BBQ: Armadillo Palace (in Houston)
Best Mexican Food: Can’t beat the Mexican at Guerro’s here in Austin. The Texican Cafe here is one of my favorites too.
Worst/Weirdest Food: I try to stick with what I know, but I had a burger at a place I’m not going to name in Ft. Worth, and for some reason, all I could taste was pecan. Worst burger I’ve ever had. 
Worst Motel Experience: We stayed at this dump in Salina, Kansas a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure our bass player (Dookie) picked up a tick from there. Don’t ask.
Sketchiest Fan Encounter: Hah, one doesn’t stick out in mind. But, I’ve signed many boobs though.
Coolest Gift from a Fan: Ines Stummer (Our number one fan in Germany) gave me a how to speak German book for my birthday. That was pretty sweet. 
Best Store You’ve Been To: Went to this really cool store in Hattiesburg that carried a bunch of badass boots and outdoor gear. Can’t remember what it was called. I was broke and not able to buy anything…pissed me off.
Best Day Off Town: Lubbock is always a good time! Every time we had a day off there, we do the karaoke night at the KoKo. What a hoot. 
Worst Hangover: Maybe the one I have right now. We played a private event last night here in Austin and there was an open bar. FML.

What music has dominated the van radio? We all generally rock our headphones for the most part, but the Black Keys (older stuff mostly) are usually in rotation pretty heavy.
When you stop at a convenient store, what do you typically buy? Beer, cigs (Dookie and Jeremy), beef jerky, sunflower seeds, and lottery tickets!
What’s the first thing you do when you get to a town you’re playing? We are usually running late so we probably go straight to the venue to load in.
Overall, weirdest thing you’ve seen? I saw a dog with a cat sitting on top of it with a mouse sitting on top of it in the stockyards once.  Saw it on TV again later on.


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