Show Review: Taddy Porter

All Photos by Landan Luna

by: Thomas D. Mooney

It was well worth the wait.

I (and many others) anticipated seeing Stillwater-based rock outfit Taddy Porter a day earlier, but yes, it was definitely well worth the wait. Due to unfortunate van troubles, Taddy Porter was stuck hours away from Lubbock. It seemed like both our weeks were going to start off poorly. Fortunately, TP didn’t just let the sound of their ’70s idols influence them. They also took their work ethic. I know they’d have walked to The Blue Light had it been reasonable.

It was reassuring to know that Taddy Porter was already working on rescheduling their BL date. I just don’t think any of us thought it’d be the very next day. I arrived at The Blue Light to what I thought would be a somewhat packed house and was quite alarmed and frightened that there wasn’t more than a handful of individuals at the bar when I walked through the front.

Luckily, the place filled out by the time Taddy Porter took stage around 11:30 p.m. It was one of those shows where midway through, you realize that they’ve been playing for quite some time. Time flies by. They didn’t finish their set until roughly 1:50 a.m.–a mix of old and new songs, along with what felt like an inside look at a jam session. 

Here’s a few images we captured throughout the night.

Guitarist Joe Selby

Vocalist-Guitarist Andy Brewer

Vocalist-Guitarist Andy Brewer

Bassist Kevin Jones

Vocalist-Guitarist Andy Brewer

Guitarist Joe Selby

Drummer Doug Jones

Vocalist-Guitarist Andy Brewer



One response to “Show Review: Taddy Porter

  1. Great article! Thank you for caring about LIVE music so much! I’ve loved Taddy Porter since their first BL show with Odis. I like pictures Landan shot of the guys at play!!

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