Show Review: Red Velvet Music Festival

All Photos by Landan Luna

by: Thomas D. Mooney

The first Red Velvet Music Festival was this past Sunday. A number of local Lubbock bands played throughout the afternoon and evening at Wreckers. Red Velvet’s first lineup included No Dry County, Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards, Ross Cooper, The Roger Box, Grady Spencer & The Griswulds, Estelline, Glacier Country, The Dukes, Caleb Jude Green, Twisted Road, Phlip Coggins, and Archimedes, Watch Out! 

Here are some images we were able to capture.


Phlip Coggins

Twisted Road


The Dukes


Glacier Country


Grady Spencer & The Griswulds


The Roger Box


Caleb Jude Green


Ross Cooper


Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards


No Dry County




Archimedes, Watch Out!


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