Five Quick Q’s: Bristen Phillips of Glacier Country

Photos Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

We caught up with Bristen Phillips to discuss his fresh and new music project, Glacier Country. They played this past Sunday at the first Red Velvet Music Festival and really caught the attention and ears of everyone. Like they mention, they’ll soon have a three-song EP coming up–something I’m sure we’ll discuss on here relatively soon. Like Glacier Country on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here

New Slang: It feels like you’re making a statement by calling your band Glacier Country. Feels like it’s what you’re wanting to sound like as well. So, what is “Glacier Country?”

Bristen Phillips: It definitely describes the sound we’re shooting for.  At first, it was kind of a joke; it was the shortest most obvious description I could come up with and it just stuck.  We’re really spelling it out for people and it probably needs that sort of upfront explanation. We’re blending a lot of styles, a lot of old ideas with new sounds. When these sort of things happen, the questions start coming. What genre is it? Who are you influenced by?  It’s Glacier Country. Plain and simple. It also describes the scene where the stories take place. Basically a storybook of dreams about the state of a human heart as a cold and desolate landscape, lonely and searching for warmth and the loss of old ways to the surging modern world.  It’s deep, internal and reflective.  Places that can only be travelled alone. I could go on in circles about what is Glacier Country and all the mythical, mystical and spiritual planes it traverses, but it’s really just simple human emotion and it’s much easier to just say it’s Glacier Country and let the listener paint their own picture. 

NS: You’ve not played many shows so far. Can you tell us a little about how Glacier Country started?  

BP: I would say that this band started as my reaction to the current state of music and life in general. I feel like I’ve spent my whole musical career playing what others want to hear and I’m taking this opportunity to play something for myself, slow everything down and find a space to breath. I suppose it’s meant to serve the purpose of emotional escape and connection with earth. I was playing these songs acoustic and running the concept by different musicians, handing out these little minute long music samples I would make with my loop pedal and a drum machine. I’ve been very lucky so far to find some very special artists who have really helped push the sound in to existence.

NS: Will you be recording any material for an album or EP soon or are you still trying to find what the band sounds like? Or do you feel those are things that can happen together? 

BP: There is a definite style of sound in mind, but this project is still very much a work in progress. The songs are very simple and open and we’re trying to leave them as free and spontaneous as possible. Each player brings their own experience to the table so you never know what surprises will pop up and I’m open to letting them interpret the songs in their own way. Things are starting to take shape and I’m pretty excited with what has come out so far.

NS: Speaking of future plans, what are the plans for the rest of spring and this summer?

BP: We’ll be releasing a three-song EP in the next few weeks. After that, you can expect to see a lot of shows from us. The live sets will be interesting. You’re going to see a band in progress and we’re gonna let it develop live. So, you’re going to get something different every time and maybe some things that don’t come off a record or ever get repeated. So, the live shows are going to be an important part of the fun of this band. is in progress. We’ve got Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so please keep up with us and we’ll let you know how things are shaping up. 


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