Five Quick Q’s: Dan Patterson of Twisted Road

Photos Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

We caught up with Dan Patterson, lead vocalist and guitarist for Texas Country band, Twisted Road. They too, are playing this Sunday at the first Red Velvet Music Festival at Wreckers. Like Twisted Road on Facebook here

New Slang: You guys have really been trying to break into this Lubbock music scene. You guys have been playing every few weeks at Blue Light and elsewhere. What’s that like? The whole trying to get recognized and getting a following. Seems like a lot of bands don’t make it because they expect immediate success. You guys feel like you’re getting to that point though?

Dan Patterson: Music is full of ups and downs. One day you are super-psyched about the sound you have and the gigs you are playing, and then the next, you are trying to scrape together enough acoustic shows to make a rent payment. You can ask anybody that plays music in town, you have to go through the rough stuff to make it out the other side. However, as of late, we have really had some awesome opportunities present arise. So, we pretty excited about what the near future holds for us.

NS: You guys currently have the self-titled six-song release. Are you guys working on another release? What are all the details on it if so?

DP: We are. The EP that we release last spring is a little bit of a misrepresentation of who we are now. It’s a new group of guys with a new feel. We have just recently released our first single, “Cheyenne,” and it does a little better job of showing how we’ve grown and matured over the past year or so. We looking releasing our first full album around October.

NS: What are you guys doing that are different and new compared to the first release?

DP: We are really focusing more on us. The first release we were trying to shape things to fit on the radio what would appeal to mass markets. Now, frankly, we just don’t care. We’re going to make the music that we like, and if the world likes it, then great. But if only one person likes it, then we’ve got the one most bad-ass fan out there, and we can live with that.

NS: Twisted Road’s sound really is kind of a “twisted road” of sorts. Feels and sounds like there’s both a country and a rock-metal influence. How’s mixing those two sounds? 

DP: It is pretty easy really. If anyone read Brandon Adams’ interview, he talks about how a lot of us are country kids that listen to rock. We just take a song with country-like lyrics and progressions, throw in some heavy distortion, and vuala! You’ve got us.

NS: What’s in your plans this summer for Twisted Road?

DP: This summer we are really trying to focus on our exposure around Lubbock and through out the rest of Texas. We do a lot of stuff throughout the midwest, but playing in Texas is just fun, because we’re playing to our friends and family down here. And our main philosophy has been since we started, “If you’re not having fun, it ain’t worth doing.” So we are going to stick to it.


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