Five Quick Q’s: Grady Spencer


Photos Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

We caught up with another great Lubbock singer-songwriter involved in the Red Velvet Music Festival this afternoon, Grady Spencer. We caught up with the bluesy-folkster to discuss all things forward with Spencer and the Griswulds: an upcoming move to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for Spencer, his next album, and the progression of not only where the Griswulds sound will be going next, but also how. The Red Velvet Music Festival will be this coming Sunday at Wreckers. Like Spencer on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here

New Slang: Heard around the campfire (OK, Facebook News Feed, but it’s the same thing these days, right?) that you’ll soon be moving the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in June-ish. How’s that impacting your music career? I personally think it could really do great things for it–especially with how good of a blues scene is in the area. You think that could have a positive impact as well? 

Grady Spencer: Yes sir, the wife and I are headed to the big city. She got a really amazing job offer and we decided it would be best for us to try it out. But, I’m also looking forward to sinking my teeth into a new market. Like you said, there’s a really great blues influence in that town along with a whole shit-ton of Texas country (ish) type guys…so I think my stuff could fit in rather nicely with both of those facets.

NS: Your music, I think it’s always been on the mellower side of blues-folk. It has a really rainy day music vibe. You agree with that assessment? Where do you go from here as a musician and songwriter?

GS: I would definitely welcome a rainy day music vibe assessment. Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers puts out solo stuff under the moniker Darling, and I think that will always be the ultimate rainy day tunes. As far as where the next direction is, I’m going to keep in the same vein as most of the stuff that’s on “Sunday’s Ships”…I just want the songwriting to keep maturing a bit. Same vibe, hopefully better songs.

NS: Are you currently working on new material for a new album or release? What are you thinking it’ll be, a solo or full-band release?

GS:  I’ve got enough material to record the next album. I’m kind of waiting to see how this move pans out. It will definitely be full band, just not sure who the band will be. The Griswulds will still be playing sporadically in Lubbock with me and probably here and there in Ft. Worth, so we’ll just have to see what happens with the lineup.

NS: When you’re writing up new songs for an album, do you personally try and keep them in the same vein style and theme wise or are you looking for variety and going for more of a “these are songs from this period of time; they’re connected in that way and that’s enough” thought?

GS: The songs are all written in the same vein…but for the next album, I want to take a different approach to how the recording is produced. I’ve listened to a lot of records with the intent of opening my ear to different ways to record drums, guitars, vocals, etc. Two of my favorite recording styles are Cory Branan and Blake Mills. Just very warm and analog sounding…lots of room in the drum sounds, ambient vocals, etc. I think the recordings should definitely reflect that I’ve made a significant move in my life and am looking forward to the future.


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