Five Quick Q’s: Brandon Adams


Photo Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

 We caught up with Brandon Adams, singer-guitarist of Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards, to discuss to discuss what’s he’s learned as a musician since his debut album, how his fellow songwriting friends have had an impact on his own writing, and what’s next for the band this summer. They’ll be headlining the first Red Velvet Music Festival this coming Sunday (April 29). Like Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.

New Slang: We’ve not really ever talked about your self-titled album. It’s been out about a year and a half now. What have you learned most since then? What’s your thoughts on the album now that it’s been around for a while now?

Brandon Adams: Well, the first album was exactly that, a first album. I dearly love those songs on that album. I’ve learned a lot since then. That was my first try ever at recording. It was very nerve-racking for me at the time. I had no idea what it takes to put an album together and then try to promote it. Now that I’ve been through some of the ups and downs of the music business, I have a better idea of what I want and how to get it out there.

NS: Is there anything in the works as far as a new album or release? If so, what are those plans? 

BA:  The next album, we start tracking May 24 at Yellow Dog studios in Austin. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time. Look for a new single to hit the airwaves this summer and an album release to follow.

NS: You’ve been a staple at The Blue Light for a while now, especially with the Monday Songwriter Open mic. How has that helped you become a better songwriter? 

BA:  Well The Blue Light has given me the gift of having a place to play without any musical boundaries. I got to create an environment where any songwriter can feel welcome to play without feeling the need to entertain people and work on writing songs. I definitely feel like a better songwriter and am proud to see great songwriters find their feet on that stage and start really kicking ass.

NS: I think most of the time, when people ask for your influences as an artist, they expect you to give a list of relatively well-known and “successful” bands. But, it’s of my opinion that it’s those songwriters and singers that you have a personal relationship that can shape and influence you the most. You think that’s true about you? 

BA: My best friends are songwriters and I spend most of my time with them. The really inspirational stuff is in the music that the general public will never hear. I also like “successful” bands. There is a reason they sell a lot of records. They’re good. Great music is everywhere; just listen.

NS: The “Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards” sound, it’s really interesting to me. The songs in my opinion can translate well to both full-band just as well as they can to acoustic singer-songwriter. They’ve also got a balance of being new sounding and grounded in old country and even western swingish. What are your thoughts on the sound you guys are trying to create?

BA: From the beginning, I have written songs that sound cool to me, and I come from a West Texas agricultural family with a passion for country music. I am a rocker at heart. So with guys like Shad Daugherty on guitar and Zach Davis playing the drums, blasty-ass rock and roll is whats gonna happen. A lot of people in West Texas are just like us. They grew up on country, listen to rock and roll, and love the great stuff in between.

NS: Looking forward, what’s on the horizon for guys as far as the summer is concerned?

BA: This summer we are getting our second record done and hitting the road to promote it. We have a few shows in Lubbock through June, then we’ll be hitting the road once again.


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