Show Review: Randy Rogers Band

Randy Rogers Band-Live Photos by Landan Luna

by: Clay Fuchs
Staff Writer

The Randy Rogers Band played a set at Wild West this past Friday. I must say, the packed house did not walk away disappointed. The band played songs from every album, as well as a few from their upcoming album, which Rogers said should be coming out this year. This mix of songs kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire concert.  One moment the band was playing one of their soft, slow songs that serenaded the crowd like “Too Late for Goodbye,” or “Missing You is More Than I Can Do,” and the next moment they would throw in an upbeat song that would get the crowd rowdy and ready for more.  

In a way, I would say they had their set list down to a science. This can only be done by playing multiple shows and that’s certainly something this band has done. Touring is a way of life for them, and in my interview with Rogers before the concert, he talked about how they have played over 200 shows since their last album was released. He said it has helped them to mature as a band and really come together.

Very few artists can take over an entire crowd the way this band does. Normally, I always see guys chasing girls off to the side or people talking amongst themselves, but not here. Every eye in the building–from the packed dance floor, to the second story balconies–were entirely transfixed on the band.

A lot of that has to do with the band’s fiddle player. To say it flat-out, Brady Black, Rogers’ fiddle player, is by far, the best in the business. He seemed to be the catalyst for the band and was all over the stage and was still hitting every note. He is very talented and truly makes the band’s sound unique.

New Slang had the opportunity to catch up with Rogers before the concert and discussed a variety of topics including their upcoming album, first Lubbock memories, and who’s the band’s best golfer. Like Randy Rogers on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here

New Slang: Historically, I’ve noticed other than your “Live at Billy Bob’s” album, Randy Rogers has always come out with a new album consistently every two years. Your last album was released in August of 2010, so that two-year mark is quickly approaching. So what have you guys been working on?

Randy Rogers: Our record is actually finished and we are turning it in to our label May 1 and then we will work on getting it out.

NS: What kind of new stuff are you putting on the album? What would you say is going to separate this album from everything you’ve put out so far?

RR: Well, you know we wrote the songs on the record as we always do, so I wouldn’t say there’s going to be much that separates other than it’s just going to be better. I mean we’ve played over 200 gigs since the last team and each of us have had time to grow mature. Also, we hired a new producer, Jay Joyce  and we’re excited to have him on board.

NS: So you were talking about growing as a band together, could you tell me a little about the band evolution? I saw your great-grandmother taught you to play piano, could you tell me a little bit about that and your growth in music from there to where you are now.

RR: You know, I think she instilled in me music and wanting to learn music and get better at music. I think as a band we learned pretty young. A lot of kids pick it up in college, but all of us picked it up when we were kiddos. I think through the years we’ve all kind of been driven and we’ve pushed each other to get better each record and I think we accomplished that this time.

NS: You’re playing Lubbock at Wild West can you tell me a little bit about your history and playing in this town?

RR: The first time I played Lubbock I drove and ’88 suburban all the way from San Marcus to open for Bruce Robison for 50 bucks at The Blue Light. That’s my first ever real memory of Lubbock. Of course, then I got to be friends with Wade Bowen and we started playing Lubbock quite a bit through the years. It definitely holds a special place for my because it was one of the first towns I ever played.

NS: I see you have a celebrity golf tournament coming up May 14, could you tell me a little about that?

RR: Yeah, it’s my hometown and it’s my first attempt at doing charitable work that I’m directly associated with. I was kind of waiting for the right thing to come along and this is a way Children’s Advocacy Center event. This is a non-profit organization and they need help. It’s something I believe in and something I feel strongly about and we are trying to help them out and raise some money for a good cause.

NS: So I gotta ask then, who’s the best golfer in the band?

RR: I’d have to say Les [Lawless], our drummer.

NS: So my final question for you is , many golfers are always asked if you could play golf with anyone who be your dream foursome. So I’m gonna ask you this, kind of tying this into music, if you could play a show with any three artists, alive or dead, who would they be, where would you play at, and why?

RR: I would probably say Elvis because he probably has some pretty awesome stories to tell.  John Lennon and Johnny Cash, because he is kind of an icon in country music and could really learn something from him. It would be a riot.


Guitarist Geoffrey Hill

Guitarist Geoffrey Hill and Singer-Guitarist Randy Rogers

Fiddler Brady Black

Bassist Jon Richardson

Singer-Guitarist Randy Rogers


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