Show Review: Wheeler Brothers

by: Thomas D. Mooney

The Wheeler Brothers returned to Lubbock a few weeks back for their first, but certainly not last, time in which they headlined The Blue Light. The five-piece Americana-folk rock band played a mixture of well-known tracks from their debut, “Portraits,” as we as exposing everyone to a number of new songs from their yet-to-be-titled sophomore effort, which they’re currently recording.

Like I mentioned that night, they seemed to be more into their element that night with much more of a rock’n’roll edge than they were the previous times they played The Blue Light. It’s always great to be able to see a band expand their sound as they advance through their career. Not to make this about myself or anything, but there’s a handful of bands that I feel have in many ways grown as New Slang has grown and have let New Slang be part of their Lubbock experience. They’ve let you the listener in by letting me, the writer, in.

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Drummer Patrick Wheeler

“The @wheelerbrothers have just began. It’s Pat’s bday. More than enough reason to come. @BluelightLive #LubbockMusic”-@NewSlangLbk

Guitarist-Singer Danny Matthews

“They’ve always shown their rock and roll roots. But tonight, they seem louder and more rocking. More loose and harder. It’s a good thing.”-@NewSlang_Lbk

Wheeler Brothers

“What’s always great with seeing a band numerous times is seeing how they grow tighter as a unit.”-@NewSlang_Lbk

Singer-Guitarist Nolan Wheeler

“They’re going into Portraits. Such a good song. It hooks you…not a giant crowd, but its being responsive.”-@NewSlang_Lbk

Guitarist-Singer Danny Matthews

“Guitar solo badassness”-@NewSlang_Lbk
“This next song, it’s a real honky-tonker. Texas Roadhouse.”-@NewSlang_Lbk

(From left to right) Bassist Tyler Wheeler, Drummer Patrick Wheeler, Singer-Guitarist Nolan Wheeler All Photos by Landan Luna

“Oh. My. God. Old school. Missing some badass shit. @wheelerbrothers are covering JUNGLEBOOK. “I Wanna Be Like You.” Dreams come true.”-@NewSlang_Lbk



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