News: Red Velvet Music Festival

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Red Velvet Music Festival, a new day festival of sorts, recently announced the 11 band lineup. The April 29 day of music will be held at Wreckers and includes a jam-packed Lubbock-heavy lineup including: Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards, Estelline, No Dry Country, Grady Spencer, Ross Cooper, Archimedes, Watch Out!, The Roger Box, Glacier Country, Twisted Road, Caleb Jude Green,  The Dukes, and Phlip Coggins. Currently, there isn’t a set order schedule. 

Tickets are currently $10 and available for purchase here. Red Velvet will approximately run from 2pm to midnight on Sunday, April 29.

Here at New Slang, we’ll keep you updated as much as possible, as well as some new features with the bands. For more information, join the Facebook event  here.


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