New Releases: Middle Child Records Compilation

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock-based indie record label released a new free compilation album today. The aptly-titled, “Radicaaaaaal,” a Middle Child 4/20 Compilation is a 25-track album with the likes of  Slow Static,  Coquelicot, Old Bowl, Ronnie Eaton, Nomadd, KILLROY, and many others. You can download the album here.


1. Old Bowl-“Don’t Be Afraid (Produced by B’SWAX)”
2. KILLROY-“Faded (Points)”
3. Nomadd (ft. HEX)- “Cover Up Dreamz”
4. Leonard Laney-“Footloose and Fancy Free”
5. Camp Nowhere- “Ransom Canyon”
6. AMBULANCE-“Poisons”
7. AUDISIGIL-“Itheui”
8. Leonard Laney-“Give Up”
9. Rat-“Praise Thor, and Pass the Ammunition”
10. Zpazzz-“Spectacular Dream On the Way to Hel Told By the PILLOW CHITLENSl”
11. Dirty Bangs-“Be Happy”
12. Cowboy Chelsea-“Arrigan”
13. Slow Static-“Untitled (Live at Prairie Fire Theatre) “
14. Another Day Undecided-“Someone to Blame”
15. Leonard Laney-“Doodad”
16. Coquelicot-“Petit Frere”
17. AMBULANCE-“Reflections of a Rotten Tooth”
18. JaqINSkat-“Soon”
20. KILLROY-“No”
21. Leonard Laney-“Fucked”
22. Rat-“Bottleneck”
23. Ronnie Eaton-“Sally Don’t Cry”
24. Slow Static-“Analog Reality”
25. Leonard Laney-“My Penis”


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