Show Review: 8 Days of Mayhem: Seth Candan, Brian Keane, Eric Middleton

Photo by Landan Luna

by: Haley Miller
Staff Writer

Stepping away from their primary bands and dedicating a few weekdays to serenade the ears of bar-goers around Texas, the gentlemen from the 8 Days of Mayhem Tour graced the stage of Blue Light in Lubbock. Blue Light is located on Buddy Holly Avenue, which just by street name itself holds to be a reputable place to catch great music on any night of the week.

The tour presented Texas Country Musicians Seth Candan, Brian Keane, and Eric Middleton from Midnight River Choir, while Court Nance opened the evening with his enthusiasm and immense talent on the guitar before the three guys took their stools. Their visual concept consisted of the three gentlemen lining up three stools, taking their separate acoustic sets, and combining them on the stage managing to maintain the harmony and guidance during artist-transition. With that being said–the individuality of the artists’ came through when it was their time to shine.

Each of the artists played acoustic versions from songs off their record which they normally perform alongside their band. Though each artist played individual songs–the guys would show tribute towards each other in nearly every song to increase the energy and change-up the feel of the tune. Eric’s mature, soul-filled passionate voice would sneak in and compliment Seth’s strong vocals during songs and Seth utilized his remarkable harmonica skills to spice up Brian and Eric’s songs. They all worked astonishingly well together on and off stage and it reflected immensely upon their music.

The performance took a surprising twist when Brian took a quick break and Brandon Adams from Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards grabbed a guitar, played a tune, and it wasn’t long after the first chorus when Seth jumped in with his guitar and harmonica, creating a whole new sound to the already-perfected song. Eric seemed to be captivated by the talent Brandon brought to the stage, but soon chimed in on the guitar–in the end leaving me speechless at the fact I witnessed such a beautiful display of pure talent.

A highly captivating part about this Mayhem is how spur of the moment the idea for the tour seemed to be–-but well organized from set up to pack up. It’s safe to say these guys are naturals at what they’re doing in life. After communicating with and observing the gentlemen before, during, and long after their show at Blue Light–I concluded they are simply living life to their full capacity who just so happen to captivate and relate to listeners and entertain audiences in the process.

I sincerely hope more musicians start to pick up on this concept of collaborating with fellow talented artists and sharing their passion with those who enjoy a variety of music and performers. This tour concept was able to present itself as three different concerts compiled into one. Though the performance is immensely different from what you would normally see from these guys out on the road with their bands–-it was more intimate and allowed for these guys to express their creativity in their semi-own set while being accompanied on stage with talented friends.



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