Local Correspondents: Grant Paul at Tech N9ne

by: Grant Paul
Local Correspondent

I’m drunk, completely baked, going deaf in one ear, my testosterone is on a rampage and I’m dancing with an amazingly hot black chick. How the hell did I get here? Where am I? Who are all these people? What the fuck is going to happen next? All valid questions that should run through one’s mind when in the middle of a Tech N9ne show. If you do not who Tech N9ne is then you are most likely not aware of anything going on in underground hip-hop for the last 20 years. Revered by musicians and hip-hop artists alike, he has worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to the Deftones (and everyone in between). He’s an explosive force and to this day, spends more time on the road then almost any other performer I can think of. With a catalog of 20+ years to pull from his live show is dynamic and energy filled from beginning to end. I found myself losing my mind to songs I remember hearing my sister play in 1995. Although I will say, “Areola” was by far my favorite song of the night. Thanks to all the beautiful ladies who made that a fucking experience. Most titties I’ve seen shown during a song in years. hahaha. I could go on and on about how amazing Tech is and all the amazing shit he’s done but that’s never the point of my stories. Bottom line if you like hip-hop and have never listened, do it. If you ever have the chance to see this show live definitely DO IT!!!
Not that there hasn’t already been some inflammatory shit to soft ears but fair warning it only get’s worse from here. All heathens enjoy!
So as with any amazing night you need to start with a good group of people around you. For this particular adventure I had Billy Zane, Brother Man, Stewart Little, Foxxy Love, one half of the Trouble Twins and Sexual Chocolate. After my last correspondence I was constructively criticized for not expanding on my characters so I’ll take a minute and give everyone a chance to understand the crazy, bad asses I hang out with.
First off Billy Zane, half warrior monk and half dick head. One of the realist people I know. Just like the rest of us he’s always looking to have the best time he possibly can and most of the time he does. Smokes as much (if not more) then I do, which says a lot. He knows music, sound and has been with me to the end of the party world and back. Always got his back and same goes him with me.
Brother Man hands down my favorite human in this world. We’re blood and hard times tied together. Imagine the biggest, baddest motherfucker you’ve ever seen and this barley scratches the surface. I’ve watched this kid go from a nice quiet kid doing his best to fit in and catching a ton of bull shit for it. To king of the bros. Love the fact that all the same people who used to bust his balls are now sucking his dick anywhere he goes. Karma is beautiful thing at times. Seriously going to the bar with this guy is like following the president around, shaking hands and kissing babies all the way. Underneath all that though, he is a real ass dude and honestly a complete softy. He’s done a ton of crazy shit and from what I can tell he’s just getting started. Cannot wait to see where life takes him.
Stewart Little is someone I really just started hanging out with not too long ago but she is real bad ass and always ready to party. When I first meet her she was always kind of quiet but that is changing now that we’ve got some chill time down. Very interested to see what future adventures bring.
Foxxy Love is Brother Man’s girlfriend and by far the best chick in my eyes he has ever dated. It is crazy what a good couple they make and how much alike both of them are. She is an extremely hot, confident and cocky female. I’ve seen her talk so much shit to people who try to fuck with her. Best shit ever. I love a woman who can hold her own. Take note ladies confidence is a big thing to men too. She can party like a rock star and every time I go out with these guys that’s exactly what we end up doing.
The Trouble Twins are actually an amazing brother sister duo who get soooo fucked up and have the best time every-time we go out. For this story however only the male side of the duo was present. He’s the littlest pimp I know. No shit, some of the ass this dude pulls is fucking amazing. God damn tripod or something. Jameson is his drink of choice and it’s usually doubles till the bottle is gone. He doesn’t give a good god damn and brings the laughs at all the correct moments.
Sexual Chocolate is actually someone I’ve only meet once. She is Foxxy Love’s roommate and best friend. Sexy ass black chick with all the right curves and a bad ass personality too. Very powerful energy and she can get down. Future interactions should be interesting to say the least.
Now that introductions are out-of-the-way this get this going. I left my house at about 8pm on Friday April 6, 2012. I went and grabbed Jack In the Box to start with. Only a big point because I currently am on a slow-carb diet which JIB doesn’t understand the meaning of. So when I get my cheat day it is always a festivus day. I ate my ultimate bacon cheeseburger and couldn’t help but think how shitty it is that something this sin-filled can also taste this fucking good. Ahhh, life always a give and take. From there I went and picked up the Trouble Twin and we headed to Wreckers for the show. When we arrived, parking was actually a little bit of a task and the line out front was all the way back to the end of the street. Brother Man had got us on the list so waiting in a line was no big deal and gave me the opportunity to get a few one hit’s in. While in line I talked with a couple in front of us who had come from Amarillo to see the show and could immediately tell this show was going to have real fans at it. Always the best. As we got closer to the front Brother Man brought us out two beers a piece, that we chugged before getting to pat down. My favorite part of the pat down experience is how much you can just walk through with if you’re smart and confident.
By the time I got in I had a decent buzz and was ready to get this shit into second gear, I started ordering double gin and tonics. Always my go to choice. Bitter, sour, sweet and alcohol combined together in a wonderful, heart warming plastic cup. So fucking good. I ran into an old buddy after I got my drink so we obviously had to take a Jager Bomb. Once I got that down and grabbed another double Trouble Twin and me went to check out the merch. Both MGK, Tech N9ne and his entire crew had some really funny and cool looking stuff. We caught the end of Stevie Stones set and I wish I had caught the entire show because this guy was fucking great. Highly recommend you check him out. I had another and another double and was getting hammered by now. Went and chilled outside until Billy Zane and Stewart Little showed up.
Right about the time they arrived Foxxy Love and her killer female crew showed up. Yet another reason this chick is a bad ass, she rolls with bad bitches. Sexual Chocolate and The Girl in the Red Dress (I didn’t mention her in the introductions because I only actually saw her for about ten minutes all night. That being said, this chick has an amazing rack, “Areola” so great.) were with Foxxy so we were able to get the party started. Couldn’t have been at a better time either. Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK was just starting his set. I downed another double and lead the drive to the front. On a side for anyone who I ever have bumped into or pissed off because I break for the front once the show starts. My bad but honestly deal with it. I usually get out-of-the-way in most cases and am honestly trying to find the easiest, direct path around you. Remember in the end we’re all there for the music some of us just like to make an adventure out of the show itself.
We ended up about three rows out, stage left and had great seats. I later found out we weren’t even supposed to stand where we did but due to Brother Man we had no problems. Only rough part was we were right in front of the line array so needless to say the hearing in my right ear was fucked for a couple of days after. The girls went to get drinks and somehow managed to pull it off and be back in under five minutes. They might possibly be more than human but I can’t be sure of that yet. MGK came out high-octane and brought a ton of energy to the stage. He is going to be a fairly big deal at some point but he still has to get a little better interaction with the audience. He almost seemed pissed at points that 90% of the audience was there to see Tech and not as many knew his stuff. I don’t know maybe it was just me. He did have a couple of good moments and his song “Half Naked and Almost Famous” went over the best of any of stuff. Mainly because he sampled an amazing song by The Naked and Famous, “Young Blood”. He settled in after losing his shit on a couple of lazy fans he pulled on stage and closed out strong. Hanging from the rafters and jumping on top of PA’s. We all started burning down in his set and polished off a rillo and several one hitter’s during the set. When the set ended Billy Zane, Stewart Little, Brother Man and the Trouble Twin had all founds us and we were ready for the main event.
Before Tech got on stage we all managed to drink more and started to get more comfortable. I was pretty much three sheets to the wind at this point and was ready to lose my mind. The crowd went nuts when Tech came out and he started off with some good new stuff. It was about this point that the bass and energy of everyone took me over. Before I know it I am in the middle of a first class grinding session with Sexual Chocolate. For you poor souls out there in internet land who have never had the experience of having a gorgeous, rhythmic, confident female show you what the fuck is up. Do yourself the favor of doing whatever you can to live that moment because it’s the shit. Now it could have been the massive amount of weed and alcohol or it could have just been my fucking imagination but I was actually somewhat holding rhythm. I know a rare thing for a white guy. Absolutely topped off the Tech N9ne experience though and was the most fun i’ve had at a show in forever. I must actually take time here to apologize for some bruises that I later found out I most likely caused. I can’t help it I turn into a damn savage at times and you almost knocked me on my ass several times too hahaha.
As Tech moved further into set and started playing crowd favorites shit got even wilder. More drink, weed and dancing were had by all. Ran into several cool ass fans who smoked with us. Everyone started flashing and then “Areola” started and it got real. He played an hour and half set and covered a wide range of his stuff and then showed off his collaborative projects off as well. The audience was amazing, the time and experience I had been one for the books and yet again I cannot rep Tech N9ne enough. If you ever want a real, honest live show experience check him out. Make sure you bring a bad ass female (because I absolutely lucked out in falling into my situation.), lot’s of bud and shit ton of energy. You will not be disappointed. I also need to take a minute here to give a shout out to the Too Zany and Family Tree crews. These guys are bringing the baddest shit to Lubbock and it’s only getting better from here. Keep up the good work guys. Until next time thank you for reading and please share if you like it. I would like to keep doing this and I need support from all of you guys. Be safe, be good, be productive.

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