Last Place: Ryan Vasquez of West Texas Hell

Photos Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

New Slang sat down with singer-songwriter Ryan Vasquez, who plays under the West Texas Hell moniker, earlier to pick his brain about his last seen films, songs heard, books read, among others.

He’s recently done recording his first EP, “Too Young To Know.” The EP will be six-tracks, four studio and two live. There’s no set date for its release as of yet. Like West Texas Hell on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here.


Last Great Album Bought: The Airborne Toxic Event-“All I Ever Wanted: Live From Walt Disney Concert Hall.”
Last Album Bought That Left You Not Impressed: Gorillaz-“Plastic Beach.”
Last Song Heard: “Switchblade” by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.
Last Buddy Holly Song Heard: “That’ll Be The Day”
Last Great Book Read: “Year of the Black Rainbow” by Claudio Sanchez and Peter David.
Last Magazine/Newspaper Article Read: I read an article about how N. Korea decided to move a long-range rocket to their launch pad at the start of a two-day nuclear summit where the US, Russia, China and a whole bunch of other nations discuss dealing with nuclear terrorism. Way to be a dick N. Korea…
Last Shitty Film Watched: “Air Bud”…and you know what!? That stupid movie made me so upset that I decided to watch the rest of the sequels. This means I sat through “Air Bud: Golden Receiver,” “Air Bud: World Pup,” “Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch,” and “Air Bud: Spikes Back”… and guess what? I’m not even close to being done! I then decided to watch the “Buddy’s Puppies” films. This means I sat through “Air Buddies,” “Snow Buddies,” “Space Buddies,” “Santa Buddies,” “Spooky Buddies,” and the grand finale “Treasure Buddies.” Can you actually believe they have made 11 movies based off of Air Bud!? The newest one was even released in 2012. Point is, I consider them all one giant piece of shit movie that we will just call “The Air Bud Chronicles.”
Last Great Film Watched: “Drive.”
Last Great Concert Attended: Depeche Mode
Last Show Watched on Television: “Mad Men” Season Premiere!
Last “Famous” Person Met/Seen: I don’t really remember meeting anyone famous. Can we just say I met the kid who played Anakin Skywalker on “Episode I”…Does anyone even know what happened to that guy? He has to live with the fact that he did that movie…for the REST of his life.
Last Great Purchase: My Dachshund Chewie
Last Video Game Played: Star Wars: “The Old Republic”…yep I’m that guy.
Last Eaten Meal: Katsu Chicken from Aloha BBQ
Last Beer Drank: Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre
Last Website On That Wasn’t Facebook: I feel like a lot of musicians look at porn. Maybe you should change the phrase to “Last Website On That Wasn’t Facebook or Porn.” Just a thought, but I guess my answer is
Last Tweet Favorited or ReTweeted: From Chris Jericho @IAmJericho “I am officially the biggest loser ever. I was watching the NHL draft for an hour before realizing I’d been watching the 2010 draft on rerun.”
Last Time Outside Lubbock: Christmas
Last Song You Worked On: It’s called “Shapeshifters” and it will be on my new concept album I recently started about one of the ways the world could end.
Last Advice Given or Received: You should never settle with someone who you kind of like and only COULD see yourself being with. You’re just going to be stuck in a stalemate relationship. You shouldn’t even try unless you feel the spark that makes you want to drop everything you’re doing for that one person.
Last Gift Received: HJ
Last Gift Given: I just organized a benefit show for CASA so I guess that.
Last YouTube Video Watched: Toronto Batman: Batman’s Night Out
Last Thing That Pissed You Off: Look I’m a very angry person, but to save time and space I’ll just say either people in general or something stupid that Jerry Jones made the Dallas Cowboys do.
Last Photo Taken On Cell Phone:


One response to “Last Place: Ryan Vasquez of West Texas Hell

  1. Wow Ryan is such a cool musician! I wish I could be just like him. He’s sexy, funny, and has a cute dog!…okay well obviously I’m so obsessed with myself that I commented on my own interview.

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