News: William Clark Green Wins at Texas Regional Radio Music Awards

Photos Courtesy of the Artist

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock-based  country singer-songwriter William Clark Green was honored with New Male Vocalist of the Year by the Texas Regional Radio Report Awards, which took place last night. Other local winners were Neely Yates of local radio station KJDL 105.3, The Red Dirt Rebel winning On-Air Personality of the Year for a Large Market. KJDL 105.3, The Red Dirt Rebel also was awarded Radio Station of the Year for a Large Market. 

We caught up with Green to discuss both the win as well as his upcoming third album, “Rose Queen.” Green will be playing at The Blue Light this coming Saturday (March 31) with opener Nick Verzosa. 

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New Slang: You were named New Male Vocalist of the Year. What’s your thoughts on winning?

William Clark Green: It was an absolute honor and pleasure to even be nominated. I honestly didn’t think I would win. I really wish I could have been at the awards show, but we’re in Nashville starting our new project “Rose Queen.”

NS: Is this one of those things that boosts your confidence and helps reassure that you’re making good music?

WCG: Absolutely, but the most rewarding is the amount of family, fans, and songwriters who were excited that I won.

NS: You’re recording your third album. Where in the process are you guys currently? What can everyone expect? Any idea on when it’ll be out?

WCG: We are recording in Nashville at 16 Ton Studios and Rachael Loy is producing it. We are on our first of three trips to Nashville. The goal is to out do the last, but Alan Crossland did such a great on our last record, it is going to be difficult to do. [You can expect it at the] beginning of next year.

NS: You’re recording it up in Nashville. Often, folks from Texas are apprehensive about music produced in Nashville. First off, why shouldn’t people worry about the next William Clark Green album?

WCG: We have a great opportunity to record a record here in Nashville for a good price and a great producer. I am not worried about it. I love Texas, especially Lubbock, and we will continue to tour and live there. Our sound is staying the same and we know as a band what we want to accomplish musically. We are still an independent Texas act.

NS: Have you been worried about that “Nashville/Texas” thing yourself? 

WCG: I have worried about what people will think, but the bottom line is a lot of Texas artists do not record in Texas. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. If someone wants to record in L.A., Chicago, New York, or Nashville, I think that’s kicks ass! Go out and see the world and live new experiences. That’s why we are musicians.

NS: All songwriters feel they grow over time. In what area do you think you’ve grown the most as a songwriter?

WCG: That is a tough question. I don’t think that the old songs are worse than the new ones, I just think those songs were who I was, and who we were as a band, at that time. The new songs represent new experiences and who I am today.


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