SXSW Coverage: Jonathan Vela: Day 2

Thursday was so great here! We took it a lot easier than Wednesday due to hangovers and exhaustion!

We made our way over to the Mess With Texas Party.
We missed Two Gallants due to a crazy door lady. However we got in just in time to catch Tycho from San Fransisco. The chill electronic music he plays makes you feel like you jumped out of a plane and fell into a pool of the softest gelatin imaginable, then continued to sink forever with no desire in the world but to just be suspended in nothingness and everything at once. It was amazing to say the least! Ha!

After Tycho we went over to the Brooklyn Vegan party nearby. We wanted to watch The Jealous Sound but ended up seeing Yellow Ostrich in their place. They were fun but we were so pumped for The Jealous Sound. Eventually they did play and it was angsty, fun, and loud. I had a discussion later that day as to why older emo bands seem so much better than some of the newer bands in the genre. I don’t know the lyrics by the older bands seem more genuine to me. It’s all relative I suppose!

We finished off the party with one of my all time favorite bands, This Will Destroy You. It was my first time seeing the Austin natives and they did not disappoint. It was a beautiful 30 minute soundscape blending both new and old songs. It put me in a very relaxed state of mind!

After that, we were pretty much finished for the day. We got into the IFC party but it was WAYYY too crowded! We left and went to a party for Quebec bands. 
Ariane Moffatt played a really good set and impressed all of us. Her music spans so many different genres and the lyrics in french are beautiful. It turns out we’ve been living under an American rock this whole time and she’s a huge Canadian star!

Our night ended with watching the most ridiculous Canadian southern rock bands. (Canadian southern rock? I know right?!) A bartender blew a huge fireball, and then we went home! Another successful day at SXSW complete!


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