Festival Writers Wanted

Going to South By Southwest? To 35 Denton? Neon Desert? Going to [insert 2012 music festival here]? Want to write about your time there? 

Here at New Slang, we’re looking for a few writers to be our eyes and ears as they search to quench their live music thirst. Whether you’re an alt. country expert, a professional punk rocker, or just there for the free and/or $6 beer, we want you to document your time. What are you thinking? Who impressed? Who didn’t? What’s the next big thing? Did you run into a stumbling drunk [insert famous person here]? We don’t care what it is, we just want to know it all. 

If you’re going to South by Southwest or 35 Denton in a couple of weeks and are interested in “journaling” your experience, e-mail us at newslang.editors@gmail.com with the Subject as “Music Festival Correspondent.” Give us a few details on your writing experience, which festival(s) you’d be interested in covering, if you’d like to “live Tweet,” who you plan on seeing, what you consider great music, and a brief tale about your favorite music festival experience.


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