New Releases: Runners

By: Thomas D. Mooney

Runners “In the Morning” EP

1. Collapse
2. Strange Dreams
3. Insomniac Eyes
4. Your Own Reality
5. Morning
6. One More Step

Runners is the solo side-project of Chris Arth, one half of indie-electronic duo Northern Runaways. Both Runners and Northern Runaways are relatively new musical projects in the Lubbock music scene. 

“In the Morning” was released earlier this month. It’s the second release from Arth, with the first being “Winter in the Desert,” which was released in January of 2011.

“In the Morning” is a dark moody, haunting collection of ambient lo-fi songs. You can download both “In the Morning” and “Winter in the Desert” for free off Runners’ Bandcamp page.  Like Runners and Northern Runaways on Facebook here. Check out Northern Runaways tracks here on the band’s SoundCloud page.


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