New Releases: The Buster Duanes

The Buster Duanes

By: Thomas D. Mooney

Indie funk/ska-rock band The Buster Duanes recently released their debut self-titled EP. You can currently stream the album on their ReverbNation page or purchase the three-track EP at their BandCamp page. The band has been working on the project for roughly five months. According the band, a full-length should be released within the year.
“The Buster Duanes plan to continue writing in an ‘anything goes’ mindset with the hope to expand even further into genre-mixing while keeping the easy-listening attitude,” says vocalist/guitarist Ryan Young.
In addition, the opening track “Benny Greb” will be getting the music video treatment, with the band hoping to release it sometime in March.
The six-piece rockers next show will be at Bash Riprocks with Another Day Undecided and Genesis Device on Saturday, Feb. 25. Physical copies will be available.

Check out their Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.


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