New Release: The Mohicans

By: Thomas D. Mooney

 A few weeks ago, we told you that hip-hop risers, The Mohicans, were in the final phase of finishing up their debut mixtape “Uncas.” This past midnight, they released it free on their website (Direct download link here). Earlier this week, New Slang caught up with the duo to get a track by track rundown and a few words and thoughts from Devan Calvin and Dave Morgan on the “Uncas” mixtape.

1) “Intro”
Devan: I thought we needed a track before the actual first song, so I had randomly made this one day and thought it would be good to start with. The vocals were an afterthought because the track seemed a little bare without anything so we had my friend Rosie Owusu Hemeng do it.
Dave: To me, the lyrics “through time, through space, and eternity” is basically saying no matter what happens, our music is always going to be here. That it’s timeless.

2) “Start The Show”
Devan: I made this beat in like 45 min (not that makes or breaks a good beat) one night, and Dave was there and he came up with the chorus and we just turned it into a song almost on the spot.
Dave: We’re letting the world know that we’re here now.

3) “Chilling”
Devan: This is the first songs we ever made and still one of my favorites, so it had to go on the mixtape.
Dave: This is like a theme song to me because chilling is my favorite thing to do.

4) “Does Not Compute”
Devan: I made this beat back in 2008 and had my two verses written then too, but I could never get it how I wanted it so I just left it. Then I showed it to Dave sometime last year and we came up with the chorus and he added a verse and that was that.
Dave: We’re just calling everybody out who isn’t doing this music thing right, and kind of giving them advice on how to do it.

5) “Head Lights”
Devan: We were doing #MohicanMusicMonday and this was one of the tracks. I remember stressing trying to get it done in time (I’m always the slower one when it comes to writing my verse) to put it out. I think I was working down to the wire, but it came out in time.
Dave: This is us telling everyone that we’re ready for the spotlight.

6) “Bye-Gone 2.0”
Devan: This was a song I made back in ’08 that had two verses from me on it, but we redid it and Dave got on the second verse and killed it.

7) “Smoke Sum”
Devan: Honestly when I made this beat I didn’t really like it as a Mohicans track. But after Dave and I actually recorded to it and then after we got Nicole White at the end, I was convinced.
Dave: This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

8 ) “Identity Crisis”
Devan: Shout out to my frat bro Donald Langley on the intro of this one. This is another older beat I had that we made into a track. I actually messed up on my verse but I left it because the song was already taking too long to finish and I thought it made it more mysterious, like when someone listens to it they’re like “wait, that doesn’t make any sense.. Did he mean..?”
Dave: Be who you are, be yourself. That’s all we’re trying to say.

9) “Cut My Tires”
Devan: This is my favorite track that we’ve made. I love the song because it was just exactly what was going on at the time and how I felt. The beat isn’t too bad either.
Dave: We’re gonna get to where we’re trying to go, no matter what tries to hold us back, we’re on the way.

10) “Queen”
Devan: I made this beat over Christmas break last year and just randomly had the idea for the song. I told Dave about it and showed him the verse I had and then he wrote his. We both came up with the chorus, which took a while to actually write, and then we had Jenera Thierry sing it.
Dave: Girls need to know that they don’t need everything in order to be looked at as a queen.

11) “Fa Shiggadow”
Devan: I think this is my second favorite track. It might be because a lot of people like it or it could also be because the track just came together so effortlessly (well, Mohican effortlessly. Which means it took less than a month).
Dave: Like the song says; just dance.

12) “That’s 70s”
Devan: I like the beat. It just took forever for me to write my verse. I have nightmares about this track. It was also the last official track we had to finish.
Dave: We’re kinda like telling our story on this one.

13) “Outro”
Devan: I felt like with my verse from “That’s 70s” was kind a depressing way to end the tape so Dave had the idea to put the intro (minus the words) at the end so we went with that. I think it helps to tie the whole thing together a little more.
Dave: All I’ll say is listen to the whole thing, you might miss something.


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