Last Place: Jon Seaborn of Ivory & Ash

Ivory & Ash Courtesy of the Artist.

By: Thomas D. Mooney

Earlier this week, New Slang caught up with Jon Seaborn of indie rock risers, Ivory & Ash. They’ve been able to build up an underground following, primarily built on their loud and engaging shows and their grittier, beach-rock (think Surfer Blood, Real Estate, not Jack Johnson) anthems.
They currently have one of their best tracks to date, “Can’t See That Far” available for free download here.
“‘Can’t See That Far’ was written by Race, but it came from a bass line that Chris had been playing with forever,” says Seaborn. “It’s been up for free download for about a month now, but we are really trying to push it to get people excited about our new EP, ‘God Bless Your Bloody Ears.'”
The band’s next show is on November 20 at The Meatlocker with La Panza and Daniel Fluitt of Thrift Store Cowboys.

Last Great Album Bought: All Get Out’s “The Season.” I’m in love with this album!
Last Album Bought That Left You Not Impressed: Tyler, The Creator, “Goblin.”
Last Song Heard: Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl.”
Last Great Book Read: I know it’s not a “book,” but I’ve been reading a lot of DC’s new 52 and I’ve really enjoyed all the new #1s.
Last Magazine/Newspaper Article Read: I can’t remember, sadly the last time I opened a newspaper.
Last Shitty Film Watched: “Friday the 13th, Part 4.”
Last Great Film Watched: I rewatched “Evil Dead 2.” I forgot how much I loved it.
Last Great Concert Attended: The Diamond Center! Not only our they great friends, but they are an amazing band.
Last Show Watched on Television: “Everybody Loves Ramond.”
Last “Famous” Person Met/Seen: I met JTT when I was ten [laughs].
Last Great Purchase: New road case for my amp!
Last Video Game Played: I don’t play them.
Last Eaten Meal: Corndogs at Skooners.
Last Beer Drank: Shiner.
Last Website On That Wasn’t Facebook:
Last Tweet Favorited or ReTweeted: RT @TexastMonthly: The people have spoken: No beer on the river in New Braunfels.
Last Time Outside Lubbock: We played Denton last weekend.
Last Song You Worked On: We are almost done with a new song called “Damn Me.” I’m really excited about where the song is headed.
Last Advice Given or Received: Don’t eat that pizza; it’s old.
Last Gift Received: New strings.
Last Gift Given: An iPhone case.
Last YouTube Video Watched: Guy On A Buffalo- Episode 1 (Bears, Indians & Such)
Last Thing That Pissed You Off: Our hot water was out for a while. That’s the last time I was really mad and it was at everything. Cold showers are the worst!
Last Photo Taken On Cell Phone: “Race Jackman.”


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