Mixtapes: Allie Leigh of The Bar Belles

From left right, Kate Hearne, Allie Leigh, and Sarah Griffin of The Bar Belles. Photo by Aleece Methvin; Courtesy of the artist.

By: Casey Winters
Staff Writer

It’s time for Ladies Night, and my friends and I want wine and music. We head to the quaint D’Vine Wine where The Bar Belles are playing. The scene is picturesque as we sip on sweet reds and three lovely girls hop on their stools, guitars in hand.
The rest of the night was a charming scene from a movie. All three ladies sang beautifully, and I noticed each seemed to have her own unique style. I wondered how they ever thought of joining musical forces. Each song was different from the last.
It made sense when I pulled aside the fiery, little red-head of the group, Allie Leigh.
“The Bar Belles got together pretty much because we became roommates,” said Leigh. “I suppose when three musicians live together it’s almost inevitable.”
She admits, they each have their own distinct personality and taste in music, but they have combined their individuality to make a solid trio.
“Kate [Hearne] is the hippie; she loves folk music and blues so she brings the light, singer-songwriter feel to our music. Sarah [Griffin] sings country, blues and 80’s rock which seems like a crazy combo, but she is a ridiculously good singer and can bring the low-end like nobody’s business. I bring the rock/pop feel. I have the high harmonies for the most part,” said Leigh.
From singing covers such as, “Waterfalls” by TLC all the way to “Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby” from “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou,” these girls easily move from a pop/R&B tune into a haunting lullaby. This band obviously does not want to be put in a box. With guitars, fiddles, clarinets and tambourines, they play old country, new country, jazz, R&B, pop, rock, indie and originals.
“We just can’t pick one single genre and stick to it,” said Leigh.

Listen to Allie Leigh’s playlist on Spotify here.

The Bar Belles’ music ingredients:

Paramore- “All I Wanted”
“This band has completely influenced me because Hayley is a powerhouse. The band puts together complex rhythms that are quite difficult to simulate. Her live shows are spot on and her vocals barely ever waiver. She sings her heart and says what she wants to say and I fully respect that. This song has a raw feel to it.”

The Dixie Chicks- “Top of the World”

Young the Giant- “My Body”

Fleetwood Mac- “Landslide”
“This band has been around for decades, and people are still singing their songs. ‘Landslide’ has been re-recorded and sung by many artists, the most famous being The Dixie Chicks. It is very impressive to have music you’ve written and recorded being sung years later. Most of the ‘pop’ artists of today will fade by tomorrow, but Fleetwood Mac is still a household name.”

Slipknot- “Snuff”

David Ramirez- “Good To Be Bad”

Marc Broussard- “Hard Knocks”
“He has such great writing style. He writes songs that have a shuffle beat with very memorable melodies. His songs are catchy and get stuck in my head all day. I like that. They also have depth that most songs that are produced now just don’t. He sings about simply loving somebody which is a great turn from the everyday heartache song.”

Damien Rice- “9 Crimes”

Panic! At the Disco- “Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off”

Eddie Money- “Take Me Home Tonight” 


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