Last Place: The Mohicans

The cover art for The Mohicans' debut mixtape, "Uncas." Courtesy of the artist.

by: Thomas D. Mooney

The Mohicans have been busy…with just about everything from juggling another year of school and prepping a debut mixtape to scheduling upcoming shows with some of hip-hops’ rising stars. Matter of fact, this Oct. 27, they hip-hop duo is playing at Austin’s Republic Live with fellow risers The Cool Kids and Milkman for free, which sounds like worth a trip to ATX for. And as for their mixtape “Uncas,” (which has some of the best album art I’ve seen in a while) they’re still not sure on release date, but it should be relatively soon. In the mean time, go vote for them for “Best Rap/Hip-Hop Group” at The Dallas Observer.
At a time where there seems to be a large crop of rising rappers on the horizon, The Mohicans are carving out their own niche. When you’re drawing comparisons to an early Outkast, you know you’re on the right track.
New Slang recently caught up with Davan Calvin and Dave Morgan for this week’s Last Place.

Last Great Album Bought
Davan: Kanye West- “Late Registration”
Dave: Lupe Fiasco- “The Cool”

Last Album Bought That Left You Unimpressed
Davan: I usually don’t buy albums unless I listen to them first for that very reason.
Dave: Can’t even remember.

Last Song Heard
Davan: Elle Varner featuring J. Cole– “Only Wanna Give It To You.”
Dave: “The Zone” by The Weeknd.

Last Great Brook Read
Davan: Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol.”
Dave: “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini.

Last Magazine/Newspaper Article Read
Davan: Study Breaks article on The Mohicans.
Dave: Kid Cudi’s latest interview with Complex.

Last Shitty Film Watched
Davan: “Horrible Bosses.”
Dave: I Don’t watch shitty films. I always check the reviews. 

Last Great Film Watched
Davan: “The Other Guys.”
Dave: “The Adjustment Bureau.”

Last Great Concert Attended
Davan: Erykah Badu.
Dave: Sunday Swagger, [which featured] Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and more.

Last Show Watched on Television
Davan: I don’t watch TV.
Dave: “Regular Show.”

Last “Famous” Person Met/Seen
Davan: Wiz Khalifa.
Dave: Wiz Khalifa.

Last Great Purchase
Davan: Brush heads for my tooth brush.
Dave: A box combo from Raising Canes.

Last Video Game Played
Davan: NBA 2K11.
Dave: FIFA ’12.

Last Meal Eaten
Davan: Stir fry from Murray’s Sam’s Place.
Dave: Some beef nachos with jalapenos.

Last Beer Drank
Davan: Dos Equis.
Dave: I’m 20, so I “don’t drink.”

Last Website On That Wasn’t Facebook
Dave: Tumblr.

Last Tweet Favorited or ReTweeted
Davan: One that said “Don’t mistake my kindness for being friendly.”
Dave: “Nobody ever said it was gonna be easy.”

Last Song You Worked On
Davan: The last song on our “Uncas” mixtape, “That’s 70’s.”
Dave: “That’s 70’s.”

Last Advice Given or Received
Davan: I can’t recall.
Dave: Every setback is a set up for a huge come up.

Last Gift Received
Davan: No one buys me anything.
Dave: Can’t even remember; I don’t get much.

Last Gift Given
Davan: In reference to the last one, maybe because I don’t buy anyone anything else.
Dave: Gave my little brother some Jordans.

Last Time Outside of Lubbock
Davan: This past weekend.
Dave: September for a show in Denton.

Last YouTube Video Watched
Davan: I think Drake’s “Headlines” video.
Dave: Adventure Time- “What Was Missing.”

Last Thing That Pissed You Off
Davan: A person wasting my time.
Dave: Getting my Macbook, phone, and X-box stolen.


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