Last Place: Kris Killingsworth of Thrift Store Cowboys

Kris Killingsworth of Thrift Store Cowboys-- Courtesy of the artist.

By: Thomas D. Mooney

New Slang caught up with Thrift Store Cowboys drummer Kris Killingsworth for this week’s Last Place. Although TSC had to cut short a recent East Coast tour, one of their stops was captured by Music City Roots at The Loveless Cafe.

And, for the second consecutive week, Dawes has blown away everyone at their live shows.

Last Great Album Bought: Most of the stuff I’m listening to these days is music that my friends are making. I’m not really buying anything per se, but the last album I acquired that totally ruled was “Howdy” by The Cropdusters.

Last Album Bought That Left You Not Impressed: I thought I wanted to be a Deerhoof fan, but it’s actually super difficult to listen to.

Last Song Heard: “Wolves at the Door”  off David Bazan‘s “Strange Negotiations.”

Last Great Book Read: Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” I read it in an afternoon and then watched the movie the say day. It was bleak.

Last Magazine/Newspaper Article Read: This ridiculously self-absorbed article on Stevie Nicks’ new album in “M” magazine. It was amazing. She actually said that she wanted her fans to get transported to “a magical kingdom of feelings.” Who says that with a straight face?

Last Shitty Film Watched:Bridesmaids,” hands down…It was so awkward and so bad.

Last Great Concert Attended: We just got back from playing the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion Festival and all the acts were amazing, but Dawes really blew us away.

Last Show Watched on Television: Something about food trucks on the “Food Network.”

Last “Famous” Person Met/Seen: Jim Lauderdale was a hoot.

Last Great Purchase: My Nalgene bottle saves me tons of money on the road.

Last Video Game Played: I’m definitely not much of a gamer, but in the right company, “Dance Dance Revolution” will make me laugh like an ether addict.

Last Eaten Meal: My wonderful girlfriend made us some mashed potatoes with chicken gravy, which I’m eating right now.

Last Beer Drank: We went to a wine tasting party last night and “tasted” something like 10 bottles of wine, but there was some LoneStar thrown in for good measure!

Last Website On That Wasn’t Facebook: I check my Gmail obsessively.

Last Tweet Favorited or Retweeted: Miss @amandashires, rod picott and @tuggerboat at buddyholly center.” by @iheartbueno.

Last Song You Worked On: I’m doing some work for a group called LittleWolf right now, so I’m currently learning their set and there are always ideas getting tossed around the TSC camp.

Last Advice Given or Received: You should eat something with that Hydrocodone…thanks Mom!

Last Gift Received: We got a schwag bag for playing Music City Roots that had all kinds of stuff. Posters, hand bills, a shirt and hat, a pint-glass, and a Geffin iTrip.

Last Gift Given: My Dad is really going to like that hat!

Last YouTube Video Watched: Kittens, Inspired by Kittens.

Last Thing that Pissed You Off: Lubbock drivers every single day until forever.

Last Photo Taken On Cell Phone:


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