Between the Lines-Daniel Markham

Daniel Markham--Courtesy of the artist

By: Thomas D. Mooney

Daniel Markham is a man of many bands. Most notably, he’s been the lead vocalist for the Lubbock-based One Wolf. And currently, he’s playing in bass for Charlie Shafter‘s touring band.

As Markham explained, Shafter’s regular bassist also plays a number of other instruments for the band, and as you can imagine, it’s be kind of hard to play bass and mandolin (or any other instrument for that matter) at the same time. So like many musicians have done, Markham packed up and moved to Denton, where Shafter and company are currently located.

But, as Markham assured, One Wolf is far from being a dormant band and that he’s constantly writing his own songs. Earlier this year, Markham released an eight-track recording titled “Demonstrations.”

New Slang recently caught up with Markham to discuss the song “Kudzu,” and “Demonstrations” in general.
You can currently head over to Markham’s Bandcamp page, and listen and download “Demonstrations.”

New Slang: You wrote “Demonstrations” while you were living in Athens, GA back in 2010. What effects did your surroundings and environment have on the the “Kudzu,” and the album in general?

Daniel Markham: Everything was new. It was a new start. For some reason I like to go on walks at night. I did a lot of that in Athens. I think everything I did there had an influence on the songs I was writing. I was also listening to a lot of “King Night,” by Salem.

NS: Where was “Kudzu” recorded? Did you record it all yourself and play all the instruments?

DM: I recorded it alone in my bedroom on Garageband. I did all the vocals, guitar, toy piano, drums, bass and synths.

NS: How long did you work on writing the “Kudzu,” and what was the process of writing it?

DM: It came out of me hanging out in the woods with my cousin Sam. We were jamming on some songs and enjoying ourselves. He went inside his house for a bit, and the main lick of the song came to me. Nothing fancy, [and] the rest fell into place on my porch in Athens one night. Overall, it took about five minutes to write. I mean, it’s only two chords.

NS: What’s your favorite line in the song?

DM: My Favorite line is the one about the spiders. I had these huge man-eating spiders on my porch that just scared me to death.

NS: I know there’s a line about how you “love the people that you meet,” but a lot of the other lines give the feeling that you felt like an outsider. Was that what you felt like during the time?

DM: I was an outsider. Everyone treated me like a friend, though. I love that place and everyone I met while I was there.

NS: There’s a lot of animals in the song. Are they supposed to symbolize certain individuals or anything?

DM: I don’t do symbolism [laughs].

NS: “Kudzu,” what’s behind the name?

DM: Kudzu is a vine that grows over everything and pretty much kills everything underneath it. I was obsessed with how it made everything look.

NS: You’ve got this really cool “80s movie villain montage” thing going with the guitar and snyth solos after the fourth and sixth verses. Where did that come from?

DM: I’m into heavy sounds mixed with synths. I’m also a huge John Carpenter fan. I’m sure that’s where it came from.

NS: What, if any, is the meaning behind the album title, “Demonstrations?”

DM: “Demonstrations” is just long for demos…which these songs are.

NS: I want to talk a bit about the album art as well. It’s definitely something that adds to the overall feel of the songs. Who designed it?

DM: My friend Isaac Ceron designed the art and screen-printed the cases himself. He is a very talented artist that I hope to work with forever. I asked if he could design something based on what he heard, and that’s what he came up with. He nailed it.

Kudzu Lyrics

I watch the night got by
I hear a crow, I see it fly
And all the spiders work
Set their traps and leave them up

I live the busy street
I love the people that I meet
I see the vines that grow
Making death seem, oh so beautiful

I watch the trains go by
Talk with the trees, talk to the sky
But I’ve not lost my mind
I know nothing of the kind

I take the darkest way
I’ve learn to lose, I’ve learn to stray
I’ve learn to keep it cool
Take a step and make a move

I’m just another guy
I trade the grey, I trade the blue
I’d traded my whole life
Close the door and rolled the dice

I watch the night go by
I hear a crow, I see it fly
And all the spiders work
Set their traps and leave them up

I live the busy street
I love the people that I meet
I see the vines that grow
Making death seem, oh so beautiful


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