October Shows Playlist

The Band of Heathens play The Blue Light Saturday, Oct. 29th. Photo Courtesy of http://www.bandofheathens.com/

By: Thomas D. Mooney


First off, this isn’t EVERY show happening in Lubbock during the month of October. It’s just some of the better shows in my opinion, and also artists that have their music on Spotify. Overall, the month looks to be dominated by some great Texas-based alternative country and folk acts, which is pretty great.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here: October Shows Playlist

1.“Ready to Throw”- Six Market BLVD.
When: Saturday, Oct. 1
Where: The Blue Light
With: Red & The Vityls

A great way to start the month. They’re a  bit grittier and more rough around the edges than some of the other Americana/Alt. Country artists on the list and have a great rock edge with them.

2.“Nothing to Lose”- William Clark Green 
When: Saturday, Oct. 1
Where: Wild West

William Clark Green is one of the rising stars of the Lubbock music scene. Can’t say enough about his voice and direction as a songwriter. I’m not much of one to venture to Wild West, but Green’s tunes make it tempting.

3.“Set Me Free”- Gayle Skidmore
When: Sunday, Oct. 2
Where: Bash’s on Main

Gayle Skidmore is an indie folk-pop artist from San Diego. That’ s basically the extent of my knowledge on her. She has a good singing voice and could potentially be something worth seeing, especially on a gentle Sunday night.

4.“Here to Stay”- The Hogg Maulies
When: Friday, Oct. 7 
Where: The Blue Light
With: Wes Nickson Band

The Hogg Maulies just have that “perfect Texas sound.” I’ll admit I’m not a “Texas Country” fan, but rather a fan of some country that comes Texas artists. These guys fit in that second category for me. I’m not sure if there are really anymore “outlaw country” artists out there, but they may be today’s equivalent.

5.“John Wilkes Phone Booth”- Ben Morris & The Great American Boxcar Chorus
When: Friday, Oct. 7
Where: Bash’s on Main

This song really grabbed me as being something that would probably sound great live. They’re playing the same Friday as The Hogg Maulies, so it The Boxcars would probably be a good alternate choice if you’re low on cash.

6.“Letting Go”- Emory Quinn
When: Saturday, Oct. 8
Where: The Blue Light
With: Wheeler Brothers

Emory Quinn is a fine band, but I’ll be honest and say I’m more excited for The Wheeler Brothers. But really, that should be taken as a Wheeler complement rather than a Quinn bash. I really think that this Quinn/Wheeler combination could end up being the most memorable show of the month. I know they’re labeled “Texas Country” by the masses, but this San Antonio-based trio really has its roots in Americana. A must see.

7.“Portraits”- Wheeler Brothers 
When: Saturday, Oct. 8
Where: The Blue Light
With: Emory Quinn

One of the best new alt. country/folk bands I’ve heard in quite some time. This Austin band has been building up a solid base of fans with their brilliant musicianship that should score points with both indie and country scenes. Add the fact that they are opening up for Emory Quinn, this show shouldn’t be missed.

8.“Solid Ground”- Maps & Atlases
When: Tuesday, Oct. 11
Where: Jake’s Backroom
With: Circa Survive, States

OK, so I’m not really a fan of Circa Survive. As a matter of fact, I think they’re horrible, and really, Maps & Atlases are the better band. In many ways, it’s a bit sad that this is slated as Lubbock’s “Indie Fan/Hipster” fix of the month.

9.“Rock Angel”- Brandon Rhyder 
When: Friday, Oct. 14
Where: The Blue Light

Rhyder is probably my least favorite from this list. Not sure what it is, but I’m just not sold. I mean, he’s got a good voice, some decent tunes, but it’s maybe a tad blah for me overall. I don’t “hate” this song, and thought I’d appease some of you.

10.“Radiate”- Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards
When: Saturday, Oct. 15
Where: The Blue Light

Adams will definitely be playing many other shows this month at several venues, but this will probably be the “highlight” full-band show. Adams and The Sad Bastards always give their all and put their best feet forward and, this shouldn’t be any different.

11.“A Million Ways”- Uncle Lucius
When: Friday, Oct. 21
Where: The Blue Light
With: Grady Spencer & The Griswulds

When Uncle Lucius rolls into town and has Grady Spencer opening, go ahead and slate it as blues-based night at the Blue Light. This Austin band sounds (and looks for that matter) like they walked straight out of a time machine set from 1969. This may be the closest The Black Keys come to Lubbock any time soon.

12.“Better Bring Me Home”- Grady Spencer & The Griswulds
When: Friday, Oct. 21
Where: The Blue Light
With: Uncle Lucius

Like I was saying, blues-based at the Blue Light, Grady Spencer & The Griswulds are really a personal favorite. While Spencer can croon with the best of them, his true talent shows in the songs that he crafts. He seems to be a writer who knows exactly what he’s aiming for on every song.

13.“Wtt”- The Diamond Center
When: Sunday, Oct. 23
Where: Bash’s in the Depot
The Diamond Center really kind of sound like a dream-pop band covering alt. country songs. I wasn’t a “Lubbockite” when they were around, so I’m not sure what they sound like live, but it’s intriguing to say the least. We’ll see. 
14.“Gin & Juice”-Snoop Dogg
When: Sunday, Oct. 23
Where: Cactus Courtyard

I’ll be honest, I don’t think seeing Snoop Dogg this month for half-a-hundred will be worth it. I mean, everyone likes early 90s Snoop, but this is 20 years, 10 albums, and millions of “Dogg” puns too late for my taste. In saying that, “Gin & Juice” should be part of every playlist, and if any of you feel the need to buy my ticket, I’ll be more than happy to attend.

15.“Alberta Says Hello”- Corb Lund
When: Thursday, Oct. 27
Where: The Blue Light

Corb Lund really shows that the best songwriters are the ones who live their songs. You know Lund is…even when he’s singing about being in Custard’s calvary…Lund’s gift for wordplay and phrasing is just remarkable. In many ways, he’s like Canada’s version of Ryan Bingham, except without T-Bone Burnett. I’ll go ahead and nominate him as one of my “He should be so much bigger than this” awards.

16.“Come November”- Turnpike Troubadours
When: Friday, Oct. 28
Where: The Blue Light

Yet another “Texas Country/Red Dirt” band mis-labeled. Americana. Let’s just that term instead (You can’t let the Frat Cowboys have everything). The best thing I’ve read about these guys is that they’re a mix of Waylon Jennings and Woodie Guthrie. A great way to describe their sound.

17.“L.A. County Blues”- The Band of Heathens
When: Saturday, Oct. 29
Where: The Blue Light

Picking a Band of Heathen song for this was a grueling task. I really could have blindingly picked something from this Austin-based band. In the end, I obviously had to take the track that references Hunter S. Thompson. And really, I couldn’t think of a better way to end the month, and this playlist.


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