Last Place: Aaron Smith of Sea Graves

Courtesy of One Heart Photography

By: Thomas D. Mooney

New Slang sat down with Aaron Smith, lead singer and guitarist for Americana-folk band Sea Graves earlier to pick his brain about his last seen films, songs heard, books read, among others. Check out some of their songs on their Facebook. 

Who: Aaron Smith of Sea Graves
When: September 19th

Sea Grave’s Facebook

Last Great Album Bought: 
The last great album I bought would have to be “Junky Star” by Ryan Bingham. The man is awesome.

Last Album Bought That Left You Not Impressed: You know I hate to say it, but after being so excited for months that lead to the release, I would have to say the tribute compilation “Rave On Buddy Holly.” I think I can honestly say I really enjoyed only about three or four songs on the album.

Last Song Heard: People Got A Lotta Nerve” by Neko Case.

Last Great Book Read: I just finished reading “Little Man, What Now?” by Hans Fallada literally four days ago.

Last Magazine/Newspaper Article Read: I hope this counts…I read an article from the Huffington Post about the Netflix CEO apologizing and explaining the new changes.

Last Great Film Watched: It’s one of my favorites, I watched “2 Nights in Paris” with Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy.

Last Shitty Film Watched: “Insidious.” I was in love with the movie until the middle, and then it turned into a 60-minute suckfest. Hated it.

Last Great Concert Attended: I got to see Dawes with Robert Ellis opening up for them. I love Dawes, but it was my first time to even hear Robert Ellis; I’m a fan now.

Last Show Watched on Television:I’m watching “Rob Dyrdeck’s Fantasy Factory,” because you have to admit, it’s hilarious.

Last “Famous” Person Met/Seen: Well, I think the last “famous person” I met was Maria Taylor (i’m not complaining) and Macey Taylor.

Last Great Purchase: I bought a couple of Neon Indian tickets the other day; I’d consider that a great buy.

Last Video Game Played: I couldn’t sleep last night and was bored, so I pulled out “Sonic the Hedgehog 2.” I felt 10 again.

Last Meal Had: We made some awesome chicken wraps last night with wheat tortillas and salsa and Dos Equis. I had leftovers of that today, minus the beer.

Last Website On, That Wasn’t Facebook: I was reading about Amanda Shires.

Last Thing “Liked” on Facebook: Catbirds Lounge & Patio Bar, it’s my new favorite hangout here in Houston.

Last Song You Worked On: I’ve been into the whole murder ballads theme. And I’m working on a song where I tell a story about a man who was a local hero, but from a bigger spectrum, he was just a mad man. Very Woody Guthrie inspired.

Last Beer Drank: I had Shiner Bock last night.

Last Thing That Pissed You Off: Well, I’m a football and big baseball fan. So Michael Vick last night pretty much killed my evening, and my bragging rights in my fantasy football league.

Last Photo Taken On Cell Phone:

"Okay, well, I went to Catbirds, and I found a piece of bathroom writings that I liked."-Aaron Smith


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